How it works 


I am offering an at-home beekeeping class/service where a hive is set up in your yard. I make regular visits to service the hive, bringing bee suits for anyone who wants to join. I'll bring all the tools you need including the hive, the bees, and cover the Utah permits for your home. 


You can be as involved as you want. I will teach you all about the hive and how to better care for your yard, and community. I can help you open the hive check on the health of the bees all by yourself, or you can watch from your kitchen window. Whatever your comfort level and schedule allows. 



At the end of the season you get to keep all the beautiful, natural honey from your very own yard (approximately 30-40 lbs). The use of pure, organic, untreated honey has proven benefits that will enrich your life. 


I pride myself on not using chemicals on my hives. Everything we will do is to help the fragile bee population. I can make recommendations for your yard regarding what plants will help the bees and insects flourish in your neighborhood. By becoming a beekeeper you are playing a big part in saving the bees. Fostering an understanding and love for the bees within your home will create lasting impact on you and your family. 

Knowledge is power. Hands-on learning about bees will change your perspective on life, and nature forever.