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I provide a way for you to be spontaneous, and courageous. To have an experience that you truly will never forget. There is something about the unknown that excites and awakens the soul, forces you to be completely in the moment. It bonds people who share this experience together, and creates memories that will always be with you.

Stop stressing about food/activities/housing/transportation that doesn’t make a vacation something you can fully enjoy.



How it works


Join me on my adventure.


I have my own events that I have created to be very unique and fun, some have elements of unknown and some are straight forward. All are unique, no two are the same. Space is limited but everyone is encouraged to come. Check out my calendar of events to see if there is something that interests you.  


Creating your own Unknown Adventure.

You bring a group of friends to the table, and have in mind a timeline and budget. This could range from just you and a date wanting an evening of Unknown, or a group of 20 friends who want a weekend of unknown. Maybe it is a special event (a 40th birthday party, or asking the girl of your dreams to marry you) or maybe it is just 10 friends looking for a fun time together.


You have a 30 min consultation with McKay in a getting-to-know you fashion, talking over your budget, and what to expect out of me and what I expect out of you. If we agree that it would be a good fit for you and your group. Each member of your group will be e-mailed a survey to take, to go over food allergies and get and idea of what type of adventure person they are.


I will handle it from there, your group will be well informed with what to bring, location and times.

And at that point we just ask you to trust us, and open your heart to the adventure.