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Discover the beauty of honey in a way you never have before. 

November 10th

I've been acquiring honey like one would collect fine wine. This year I have gathered over 50 jars from around the world. Honey from high altitudes, honey harvested from the same spot three different times of year, honey with natural spice in it, honey in all colors and varieties.


I want to share this honey with you while it is in it’s prime. You will sit and enjoy a light dinner while you are educated in all things honey bees. At the end of dinner for ‘dessert’ we will be tasting all the honey.


I’m proud to host an event like this because it is something I am very passionate about.

It will be an elegant evening that you will never forget.

Details to follow




Five girls who are good friends have agreed to go on a quick overnight “Unknown Adventure” together.

On October 21st we will be taking you along  for the journey. Follow @mckayjo on Instagram to see the adventure unfold.

If you and your group want to sign up for an unknown adventure, contact McKay directly at mckayjoice@gmail.com.

Kids BUG Class 


Barebones Living is a beautiful company that encourages everyone to get outdoors, in any way possible. I’ll be hosting a “Bug Class” for kids where they will interact with live insects, see amazing pinned insects and learn that insects can be friendly and fun.

If your kids have an interest in bugs, this is the class for them, they are sure to have a great time.

An Unknown Evening

No matter how long you've lived here, Salt Lake still has secrets to share. Join us for a delightful evening of discovery and adventure. This will be a mobile exploration of some of the city's hidden treasures like you've never seen before.

This will be a couples evening so sign up for this December adventure with a friend. 

$50 a person. Dinner included.

More Details To Follow